Thursday, March 26, 2009

Handicapped? F**k you!

Nothing to do at work. Well, there are some things to work on, but I just don't feel like working. I am on uber lazy mode. So I opened a browser and typed in the web address of one of my favorite sites (aside, and the likes) to get my daily dose of laughter. I love reading articles from this site, they are educational as well us, funny. One article caught my attention, the title itself sounded interesting, 5 Technologies That Turn Handicaps Into Super Powers. Hmmmm... Click, the page loaded, and halfway through the article, I found myself surprised with what I was reading.

Science is awesome! Well, science turned the geeky Bruce Banner into the Hulk, right? Not only science, but technology too. Science and technology can be a bitch too, sometimes. Did it do more harm than good?

After reading the article, I found myself whishing, if ever, though I'm not really asking for it, if ever I loose an arm, I want it replaced with an M4A1 Assault Rifle. Just like what Rose McGowan had for a leg in Planet Terror.

Here's the link... enjoy...

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