Friday, April 24, 2009


Having no house help means that you would have to do all that dirty shit around your house. Especially your room. I just clean my room once a week, or whenever I feel it. The part which I find most annoying are matching bedsheets and pillow cases. Fuck! No words can describe how I feel everytime that time comes. I usually spend around 20 effin minutes just deciding what bedsheet to use, and after I have chosen one, I would spend another 30 minutes looking for the matching pillow case. Jeesh...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Most Boring War... ever...

Sunday. Sunday. The day of the week where I get to be someone I admire. Someone who shot at people for a living. Someone who gets to shout "FUCK!!", and yet no ones dares correct them. Someone who runs around with other sweaty men. Every sunday, I turn into that someone, and that someone is a Soldier. Yes, I turn into a soldier every sunday. A soldier who can't live without KFC and Kusina Tsina. Once a week, I allow my inner child to just let loose. Some sundays are fucking awesome, some are so boring, like what happened last sunday.

I was so freaking excited upon reaching our war site last Sunday. I brought my new gun, hoping that I could shoot at someone with it. But something happened, its not functioning. I asked one of my team mates to have it fixed, after 30 minutes of tinkering with it, we gave up. Shit happens anyway. I still played, luckily I brought my extra AEG.

Here's come action, so I thought.

First Game:
I was on the assault team. I really had a hard time reaching the objective building. After 20 minutes of crawling, finally, I arrived. Two other guys were with me, we were planning to finally run into the building and shoot at everything living thing that we see, we were about to do our "super assault move" when we saw some of the assault team coming out of the building, and one of them was carrying the box that we were supposed to retrieve. Ok, game is over, we won. And I was not able to fire my weapon. Ok, I'll get them next time.

Second Game:
Again, I was assigned to the assault team. I suggested to my team that we go way around and surprise the enemy bunkered up in the Kill House. Ok, seems like a good idea. We then reached a clearing, I took a piss, which almost all of us did. After that, we planned on what we were going to do, then, we heared gun fire, we immeadiately ran to the Kill House, upon reaching it, we noticed that there was no one inside, we asked one of the guys, "Tapos na?" and he sheepishly answered, "Oo". Damn, we were late for the war.

I will not write in here what happened to the two games that happened after. You just guess. As always, shit happens. Boring.