Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cleaning out my closet....

I went home earlier than usual. Upon entering my hell hole, something came inside me. I had this urge. Ok, I had this urge to clean my room... or at least, my closet. Hhhmm... It is packed! With clothes! 80% of them I don't even wear anymore. What to do?? While listening to RATM's Bullet in the Head, my brilliant grey matter suddenly came up with solutions.

  1. sell my old clothes
  2. donate them to charity
  3. use them as fuel
Okay... option numbah 1... I admit it, I am... a horizontally challenged person... :) so my clothes are big... who the hell would buy it? Maybe some lady would be interested, and they could use one of my shirts as a window curtain, or maybe a car cover... I don't know... oh wait, maybe a bedsheet. I just realized, my old clothes can be recycled in a trillion ways.

Number 2. Yes. Donate to charity. Bantay Bata? Asilo de Molo? Who needs it more? 2-3 little children can fit in one of my shirts. And that will save soap and water used for laundry. Ayt?

I scratched option 3. I don't want to add more carbon gases to the atmosphere. So, nada.

As I rummaged through my clothes, I was amused, or maybe, terrified. I still had my taekwondo kimono that I used when I was still a player in highschool, and that was like 7 years ago. I just prayed that I won't find my old elementary uniforms. Cause I know that it will bring back terrible memories. God help me.

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